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[14 Nov 2005|03:42pm]


okay so ashley convinced me to write a really long entry about my life as of now. i am sure everyone misses reading about my amazing life, so i guess i am going to share some important highlights with youuu!

alright, so october 15 was homecoming. the biddeford high one. let me say, it was pretty much one of the BEST nights of my life. i went with kaity, blizard, gabby, chelsea, and bianca. we all went to bliz's house for pictures before. the dance was soo much fun. after it we all went to richie's house for a party. i slept at kaity's house and that is allllllllllll i remember haha.

junior year is going pretty well. i got 3 A's 1 B and a D on my report card hahah.. the D is from algebra 2 because math and i don't mix very well. as for my social life at school... i still wish i was at mcauley high school because it's just so amazing and i had a tooon of friends there. at scarborough i am still trying to find people to actually hang out with. i haven't gotten to know anyone that good because my dream is to change schools. it doesn't look like that is going to happen, so i guess i should start talking to more people.

dance class is going good also. yeah theres not much to talk about with dance haha.

last tuesday (november 8) was my 17th birthday. i went shopping and then went to mcauley to visit all my looooves.

and sorry guys, but that's all of an update you will get today. i will write more sometime soon though

here is a picture for ashley of my new audrey picture:


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[28 Sep 2005|01:36pm]

I haven't updated here foreverrrrrrrr so I decided to post some pictures because i was camera whoring in my room earlier today!

PS. the lighting makes me look extremely pale. maybe i just am. oh well!

oh yes, and i am wearing like pj's so don't make fun. ;-)



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[17 Sep 2005|05:21pm]
I went shopping. I got a sweater and purse from J.Crew, pants from Ralph Lauren and Pink UGGs. It was amazing. Then I came home and wrote my senior essay even though I'm only a junior. The essay made me cry while writing... then my Mom read it, and it made her cry too. Sad sad stuff.
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[15 Sep 2005|05:43pm]
Tomorrow is Alexis Bledel's 24th birthday. I'm not obsessed or anything.
Birthday party at my house.
Not even kidding.
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[14 Sep 2005|04:50pm]
Gilmore Girls was amazing last night.
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[11 Sep 2005|08:15pm]
Today I went to the mall with Alex. I didn't buy much of anything. I got a pink case cover thing for my ipod and cosmogirl and TEENVOGUE. my favorite thing in the entire world! We went to starbucks also. We came to my house after and we watched some Gilmore Girls. We had to bring him back to his house because all my homework was still there and I needed to do it. So then I came home and watched Gilmore again and finished my homework. I did my English homework due Tuesday. I am doing great this year and I am going to be an over-achiever. Just watch me. Okay that's about it. Chao<3
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[10 Sep 2005|10:08pm]
Ah, today I woke up for work at 5 am and it was STILL DARK OUTSIDE. it pretty much ruined my life. work was fun though. The first lady who came into work was like 20ish and the first thing she said was, "Wow, you look pretty for this early in the morning!" it made my day because she was so nice! Then another lady came in... my FAVORITE customer because she always has amazing purses... well anyways, she comes in and is like "oh my gosh, i love your belt and your shirt and your pearls! ah i love it all!" hahah so yeah those 2 people made me smile so big. i worked with ceili and kelsey and we had tonssssssss of fun! After work I came to Alex's house and we hung around his house for a while. We waited for Sam to come home and then we went out for dinner in Hills Beach. It pretttyyy much sucked. We didn't have to pay for my meal haha because they messed up, so it was all good. Then we went to Dairy Joy. It was a fun timeeeee. Right now I am sitting in his bedroom and Alex is watching Saturday Night Live. Yepp that's about it!
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[09 Sep 2005|04:05pm]
hmm i never write in here anymore. sorry everyone. last night i went to jimmy eat world with lea! we got there early beause we didn't have tickets yet. so the sign at state theater said we had to go to the civic center for tickets... so we walked there and they were closed hah just our luck so then we go to starbucks and then go back to the state theater and they were giving out tickets there too.. so we got our tickets and went in. we got in the first row because we were there so early. we had to wait like 2 hours for the concert though haha but it was fun because i hadn't seen lea since like.. june. i found a bunch of friends at the concert and hung out with them too. so it was a really fun time. but i felt really out of place the whole time beacause i'm not really the rock concert type of girl.. i'm more of the shopping prep girl. so it was funny because no one expected me to be there. i got home at like 11 and then i went right to bed because i was so so exhausted. today was school and nothing exciting happened. i'm pretty sure i did good on my spanish quiz. i had study hall the last 2 periods of the day IN THE SAME ROOM. so i pretty much wanted to die. then lizzie and lauren found me in that study hall and we walked around the school for umm an HOUR. hahah it was a lot of fun. we only got asked by like 5 teachers where we were supposed to be. we visited the nurses because i love them and then we just walked around to random places. yeah so that is pretttyyy much my entire day! i'm not doing anything tonight because i'm tired and i have to wake up at 5 for work tomorrow morning. woot? yeaaaaah then tomorrow night i think i'm going to alex's house and out for dinner or something for his birthday. aightt, peace.
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[06 Sep 2005|05:22pm]
Today wasn't bad. I got lots of compliments on my outfit again because i matched PERFECTLY. but what else is new. I also got called an over achiever like 40 times today which made me laugh because that's not me at all hahah ask anyone. I am going to be smart this year. When I came home I watched Gilmore Girls and did ALL my homework even though most of it isn't due until Thursday. It felt good to get it done. That's all. Tomorrow is Alex's birthday and I want to see him but I don't think I will. Alright, I'm gone. Chao.
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[05 Sep 2005|07:32pm]
Today was all in all a good day. I rested for most of it and then at like 3 I picked up Alex and then we went to Kennebunkport to walk around the shops. I got a Lilly Pulitzer polo at In The Pink and it's pretty. We went out to dinner at Federal Jacks. Then I came home and got things ready for school tomorrow. I didn't have any homework. I have a history essay due on Friday and I have no idea what to write about. Sucks to be me. Bye now.
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[04 Sep 2005|10:20am]
i am so so so so soooo glad that football season has begun!! that means i get to see my biddeford friends just about EVERY SINGLE WEEK. yayyyy. on friday night i went to kaity's house and then gabby and bianca came over! we hung out for a while and then went to the football gameeeee! we got to watch biddeford kick westbrooks ass. i swear everyone was at that game. even alex, max, and sam. alex and i hung out for a portion of the game. i saw emily and rita and jen and blizard and it was such a fun time. so then i came home after the game and eventually went to bed. yesterday i went shopping, obviously. today i have nothing to do. woot.
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[01 Sep 2005|02:38pm]
Today was goooood. Not much happened. In English the teacher insisted on reading our poems outloud and I was like "oh shitttttttttttt" because my poem was really personal. Well okay she read mine and it was really really depressing and Jess was like "umm are you okay" because it was like a poem about how i have been feeling. The only line I remember is "I laugh when I am suffering sadness. You think I am happy when really I am not." or something like that. So yeah I wasn't thrilled about her reading that outloud haha. The rest of the day was good.. Except for my 2 study halls in a row. I wanted to die or boredom. So yeah we don't have school tomorrow or Monday so I want to do something tonight. I am probably going to the Biddeford football game on Friday with a bunch of people. Yeah not sure. Peaaaaaaace.
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[31 Aug 2005|03:51pm]

OKAYYYYYYY. so i just wrote a HUUUGE long entry about the first day of school and it got DELETED. so i won't even bother writing about it even more. GAAAAAH.

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[30 Aug 2005|07:24pm]

Mmkay, so I have decided to write in here from now on. I will have more time now that school is starting tomorrow. This weeked was a lot of fun. On Saturday night I went to Alex's house for Max's birthday party. We played man hunt with a bunch of 11 year olds and I am pretty sure it was the funnest night of my entire summer, no joke at all. I don't know why it was so fun. haha. I kind of hit Haley in the mouth when I tagged her and I was afraid I hurt her, but I didn't so that was good. I slept over there that night and then I left really early in the morning to go to Boston to bring Jordan back to college. I hate bringing him back to school because it's always soo hot and sad. I didn't help bring much stuff up to his room... I carried a lamp up and it ended up breaking because of the way I held it hahah so for the rest of the day I unpacked his clothes and put them in his closet and drawers. I color coaded it all too :-) I am such a nice sister. We went out for dinner with my family and Matt's. Their room turned out pretty neat. I got back around 7 that night and didn't do much. Last night I slept over Lauren's house with Catherine. We watched Raise Your Voice .. but the DVD kept skipping hahah so we couldn't even watch the ending. I already had seen it 19399 times so it didn't matter. I swear it wasn't my DVD that was broken, it was the playerrrrr! hahah okayy um.. Then we watched A Cinderella Story. I left early today and went out to lunch with Courtney. It was fun because she's leaving for college this week. Then I went shopping in Freeport and got loads of random things. I had thai food for dinner and now I am getting ready for school tomorrow. Ahh I am so nervous which is so retarded because I am a freaking junior. Alright that's about it. I promise I will write in here more often!

Ohh and I got my cell phone fixed so now EVERYONE has to leave me a funny message!! 207-939-9159 but remember, keep it anonymous until the end and just say silly things! xoxo

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doing this agaaaaain! [25 Aug 2005|05:51pm]
I'm doing this again because no one did it beforeeeee!!

The Cellphone Meme!

1. Post your cell phone number.
2. Don't pick up if you don't recognize the number! Otherwise you ruin it, wot.
3. Livejournal friends, call it! Leave crazy, zany messages to make someone smile. Tell jokes or babble about your day... or tell someone how special they are. Hint at who you are, or say straight out, or don't say at all. Just make someone smile.


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[24 Aug 2005|06:44pm]
The Cellphone Meme!

1. Post your cell phone number.
2. Don't pick up if you don't recognize the number! Otherwise you ruin it, wot.
3. Livejournal friends, call it! Leave crazy, zany messages to make someone smile. Tell jokes or babble about your day... or tell someone how special they are. Hint at who you are, or say straight out, or don't say at all. Just make someone smile.


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[15 Aug 2005|06:38pm]
i have no friends. okay done.
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[11 Aug 2005|06:32pm]

i stole this from my favorite person, amanda!

rules are rules, rule #8 in this binds me
1. reply with your name and i will write something random about you.
2. i will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. i will pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. i will say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. i will tell you my first memory of you.
6. i will tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. i'll then ask you something that i've always wondered about you.
8. if I do this for you, you must post this on your el jay

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[11 Aug 2005|06:11pm]
let's see.. tuesday night went to alex's. hung out with him on wednesday. he came to my house on wed. night and spent the day with me today (thursday) we went to the mall and such. tomorrow i am going shopping in manchester because we have to pick up my aunt and uncle at the airport because they are here from florida. yaaaaay. done <3
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[08 Aug 2005|12:46pm]

Yesterday was sort of fun. I went to the Boucher family reunion. It sucked pretty much haha. Usually there are like 100 people there, and this year.. there was only 15!! hahaha. Luckily Alex was there, and it was on the beach which made it fun. Me and Alex went on a wicked long walk from Hills Beach to Biddeford Pool. It was fun. That took up only like an hour haha so then we went back to the party and sat and talked. Alex wanted to see my cell for a sec so I gave it to him... Yehahhhh he definately didn't know what he was doing and messed up my entireeeeeeee phonebook! I almost cried haha. Then I had to add everyyyyy number back in and I had like 71 which isn't a lot... but it just took me a looong time to add them all back in. Boo for me. We left there at like 4:30 and then me and Alex went on a ride to Mister Bagel with my Mom because she had to do something there... Then me and Al went to the movies at 7 and saw Willy Wonka. It was a pretty scary movie if you ask me... I took a picture of the wicked pretty scenery at the family reunion.. and a random picture of me. haha they are sort of small because they are from my phone. Here ya gooo:


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